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Tripoli: the airport is still closed

Clashes in the city continue with anti-government militias

The Libyan government of Fayez al-Sarraj has closed all flights to and from the Mitiga International Airport in Tripoli since Saturday, diverting all air traffic to the airport of Misurata considered more secure. This is because from the weekends go on hard fights in the capital of Libya, which see the armed anti-government militias firing mortar shots towards the city center, so much so that two of these exploded a short distance from the Italian Embassy located in the area administrative office in Tripoli.

This is still open by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but most of the personnel have been evacuated for safety by ship since the clashes in the city have continued today, and will probably continue in the next few days, increasing the risks for the diplomatic staff. The airport of Tripoli instead should remain closed also for the day tomorrow, waiting for the situation to stabilize again. However, it remains highly critical, so much so that the Sarraj government has decided in these hours to proclaim the state of emergency "to protect the population, the plants, the institutions". Strong clashes would also be recorded on the road leading to the airport.

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