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Libya. Italy excludes possible military air intervention

Tripoli airport remains closed

While in Tripoli clashes continue between the regular forces under the control of the Government of Fajez al-Sarraj and the anti-government militias, in Italy the Government is compact both in criticizing France as the main cause of instability in Libya, and in warding off a possible military intervention. To confirm what was said by the Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini and the President of the Chamber Roberto Fico were first the President of the Council Giuseppe Conte then the Minister of Defense Elisabetta Trenta, who wrote on "Twitter" that Italy "does not take in consideration the hypothesis of military intervention"; obviously in the case in which it was decided this would be an intervention above all in support of the Libyan regular government.

In the meantime, however, yesterday evening a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) drone was see in flight over Tripoli, in an operation with Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR); but the nationality of the aircraft remains unknown, even though it is highly probable that it was an MQ-9 Reaper of the US Air Force, very active in Libyan skies in terms of counter-terrorism.

The airport of Tripoli-Mitiga still remains closed, despite the fact that always late yesterday evening it seemed that an agreement had been reached between the two contenders, who instead continue to face the vicinity of the airport where at the end of the clashes will be It is necessary that an inspection is carried out to verify the damages suffered.

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