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Russia: requirements for the engine of the new aircraft have been unveiled

It should allow you to stay in flight for 30 hours

Some Russian press sources have leaked some rumors concerning the requirements of the United Engine Corporation (ODK) for the construction of the propulsion engine of the future stealth strategic bombing aircraft PAK DA, which will be built by the aerospace company Tupolev and will replace 2025 and 2030 the Tu-95 Bear and the Tu-160 Blackjack. Not many details of the project are known except that it should have a similar shape to the American B-2 or flying wing, and that will have stealth capacity thanks to the studies carried out with the Sukhoi Su-57. The engines should ensure that the aircraft remains in flight for around 30 hours and the fuel systems should operate with negative overloads of up to 2.7G and temperatures between -60 and +50 Celsius. degrees. Also among the requirements there would also be the ability to resist the radioactive agents emitted by nuclear bombs. In the next few years a prototype should carry out its first flight, but it certainly will not be equipped with the new engines for which they will soon begin their studies for their development.

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