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Russia: Avangard hypersonic missile successfully tested

6000 km of descent at Mach 20

The Avangard hypersonic missile was tested yesterday in Russia, in a launch that also the President Vladimir Putin was able to observe the exercise from the control room of the ministry of Defense. A new test for the Avangard that can transport one (or more?) Nuclear warhead and able to glide as if it was a glider from a great altitude from where it descents at a speed of Mach 20 (20 times more fast than the sound), which guarantees the almost certainty of hitting the objectives without being intercepted by the NATO anti-missile systems. Especially the United States is trying to develop a defensive apparatus capable of detecting and breaking down the intercontinental ballistic missile that takes it into orbit, so as to maintain the defensive deterrence while working to build a similar attack model. The fact remains that the Avangard -according to the Russian press- worked perfectly and was able to hit its target in a Kamchatka polygon after having planed for about 6000 km, thus increasing on one side the missile capabilities of Russia and on the other, the possible frictions with the United States.

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