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"Beyond" mission: Parmitano in space for 200 days

The world had its eyes glued to the live broadcast - VIDEO

On 20 July, at 6:28 pm, exactly 50 years after the first trip to the Moon, the "Soyuz" spaceship started marking the beginning of the "Beyond" mission. The live broadcast was also screened at the Maxxi, an art museum in Rome, where the audience welcomed the detachment of the shuttle with a long applause. It is exciting to know that the rocket launch with the three astronauts, the American doctor and army engineer Andrew "Drew" Morgan, the Russian pilot Alexander Skvortsov and the Italian Luca Parmitano, was carried out from the same ramp in Kazakhstan of the cosmodrome of Bajkonur from which Juri Gagarin started in 1961 the first man to fly in space. (see AVIONEWS).

The docking of the spacecraft to the Russian Zvezda module with the International Space Station took place at 00:50 am on 21 July. Hugs with colleagues waiting for them on board: astronauts Aleksej Ovčinin, Nick Hague and Christina Koch now all form the "Expedition 60" team. After the greetings with the crew, the connection with family and friends was activated and Parmitano was able to greet his wife and children.

Special features:

In the Soyuz spacecraft during the journey to reach the Space Station, it was possible to see a small floating toy: it was a puppet of the Russian cosmonaut Alexander Skvortsov' s son.

The astronauts are introduced at a speed of 28,800 kilometers for hour which is reached by the rocket within six minutes.

During the mission there is also the use  the tropical frog Xenopus for the experiment useful to understand how the processes of growth and regeneration in microgravity situation work.

The cosmonauts initially appear with the most rounded features of the usual: this is due to the pressure of the throw that causes the accumulation of liquids in the upper part of their faces and bodies.

Below the videos of the European Space Agency about the starting and docking of the Soyuz:

RC3 - 1223206

AVIONEWS - World Aeronautical Press Agency