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No collision of planes on the Maddalena hill

These were two different incidents

On July 25 the sub-prefect of Barcelonnette, Carine Roussel, denied the news that on July 24 two tourist aircraft had collided and then fell on the Maddalena hill. In reality they were two distinct accidents and the two aircraft were part of a group of four aircraft registered in England, departing from Saint Pons Barcelonnette. After finding serious obstacles in overcoming the Oronaye massif, a plane Evektor EV-97 "EuroStar" fell on Viraysse's Battery and two men, aged 18 and 37, died instantly. The other aircraft, whose model has not yet been specified, had a twenty-eight-year-old pilot who, after an emergency landing, miraculously emerged unharmed and in shock. Also the other pilots of the other group not involved in the accidents are psychologically very tried.

The sub-prefect Roussel has made an appeal to Italian and French hikers to prevent them from approaching the accident zones to avoid possible obstacles to the work of the technical-investigative staff and the police.

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