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Radiation loss in Russia after explosion in an army base

The ghost of the atomic disaster during the days of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki anniversary

Two days before the anniversary of the Hiroshima disaster (see AVIONEWS), a day earlier than that of Nagasaki, while black tourism towards Chernobyl is getting more and more intense and the world tries to keep the threads of a delicate balance that keeps at bay the specter of a possible nuclear war, a huge explosion of a jet engine at a Russian military base, of atomic submarines where missile tests are carried out, killed two men, caused a loss of radiation and four people remained wounds. An air ambulance was sent to the scene of the accident in the village of Nenoksa, near Severodvinsk district, in Arkhangelsk.

A source of "Ria news" said: "The hospitals in the Arkhangelsk region are ready to welcome the wounded in the accident".

Initially, Russian officials tried to minimize the loss of radiation, stating that the levels were normal: "During the testing of a jet engine an explosion occurred that caused the wounding of six officials of the Ministry of Defense and representatives of development company. Two specialists died. There were no harmful chemicals released into the atmosphere".

Only subsequently the regional authorities admitted that there had been an albeit short-lived radiation levels peak.

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