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The thirst for power makes us forget the real italian problems

Politics neglects the daily problems of families

For the last ten days a ruling party has presented distrust to the government but so far no one has resigned, not even an undersecretary. We can feel empowered to think that they are so good that, despite being in the government, they don't even know how to open a government crisis.

Meanwhile, at this moment the Italians are experiencing the nightmare of a new, strong, economic recession that does not allow us to look to the future with serenity. The spread is increasing and this means a higher cost of money for households and businesses. it is very likely a next VAT increase of three percentage points, procurement procedures are blocked, jobs get transformed into redundancy fund  (doubled in the last year) or into layoffs, the country's GDP (gross domestic product) continues to fall, many companies even big one, are shutting down.

In this context, among the various sectors in crisis, there is also that of air transport. Alitalia and Air Italy are experiencing a deep crisis and even the airports do not feel so good. The business plan and strategy of Air Italy are still not clear; the late balance sheet broke the record of losses that for years was held by the former Ad Scaramella. Not to mention the leasing contracts that bind the airline with the parent company Quatar Airways. We hope that there is not yet another nasty surprise for employees like that of Ethiad.

In mid-September the deadline expires to make the offer for Alitalia binding (or not). Alitalia has now become the most rejected European company just because of the promises not kept by the government. Today it is not yet clear if Delta (of which it is not known whether there is an irrevocable commitment) and Atlantia (of which there is no irrevocable commitment) will be part of the match. It seems that nobody wants Alitalia except with the "get two for the price of one". Next September we will be at the point of no return. The Government will have to make a final decision because the company's cash is increasingly poor. There can no longer be postponements or even promises from an electoral campaign. What kind of government and which minister will take a decision? The unions have called a strike on September 26 and promise battle if Alitalia does not come out of the abyss. Meanwhile, Lufthansa is watching and waiting. FS railways have won an important tender for the management of part of the English railway transport. There is no news at least on the formation of the Newco of the new AZ, about the industrial level, and on the number of redundancies. No one talks more about the future of Alitalia and its 11 thousand workers. After months of extensions and postponements for Alitalia the "redde rationem" is arriving. The two vice-presidents of the council should retire due to the political incapacity demonstrated by not solving the concrete problems of all Italians.

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