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Alitalia: date for binding offer moved

From September 15 to 30, but it can't go any further

The fall of the Government has caused the postponement of several delicate deadlines for the Alitalia airline, (see AVIONEWS), including the summit in Atlanta (Delta Airlines site) on August 31st. This further procrastination also determined the shift of the delivery date, from September 15th to 30th, of the binding agreement between Fs, the aforementioned American carrier and Atlantia.

One of the "turning points" for the Italian airline could be represented by its greater increase in terms of strength on the US market: thanks to Delta could be new routes to North America and an investment by the US giant of 100 million Euros.

However, time is running out: Alitalia would collapse without the entry of substantial new profits by December and already by the end of August the company's availability will fall below 400 million euros. However, if the proposal will be postponed again after September 30th, the airline may need an additional rescue loan that it cannot afford: the Italian State has already paid the carrier EUR 600 million in 2017 and then added another 300 ones in October of the same year. A situation that opened an Antitrust investigation which came after a series of complaints arrived on the EU competition table, on suspicion of illegal State aid.

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