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"Ciara" storm: "abnormal" air landings in northern Europe

Aircraft in distress at airports crowd the web - VIDEO

Half of Europe was hit by the "Ciara" storm. France, Germany and Great Britain are the most affected countries with flooding, blocking of aircraft and rail connections, interruption of the electricity supply for over 500 thousand units and structures. There are currently 2 deaths recorded, also serious damage: in the United Kingdom in 24 hours the same amount of rain fell that is usually recorded in a month. In Italy times and strong gusts of wind are expected.

British Airways has made its passengers aware that the inconvenience will continue today. A curiosity: a plane of the same carrier, obtained a time record. The aircraft  taken off from "JFK" airport of New York arrived to the London-Heathrow airport in just 4 hours and 56 minutes, instead of the 6 hours and 13 minutes, driven by the strong wind.

In Paris, access to the Eiffel Tower has been closed since yesterday, while the state alert has been proclaimed throughout the country and the population has been invited to avoid the wooded area and the coasts.

In the newspaper "Sun", you could read news that helps British citizens in the request for reimbursement in the event of flights or train travel cancelled due to the storm.

Panic for passengers on board a British Airways plane from Abuja, Nigeria to London, Great Britain. Due to the "Ciara" storm that hit northern Europe causing 130 km/h gusts, the aircraft did not land at London-Heathrow airport "bouncing" on the runway. The commander then regained altitude managing to land only on the second attempt.

British Airways and other carriers have cancelled part of their ongoing flights from London airports to Heathrow, Gatwick and London City. Experience moments of dread during a flight in an airplane in Amsterdam which, at the mercy of the strong wind, has tried several times to land at Schiphol airport before giving up and returning to Madrid.

Below, a video on an "abnormal" landing due to the strong wind:

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