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Aircraft and transport: also Malta closes

It will remain open only for ferry flights, humanitarian, cargo, and repatriation flights

As reported by the MIA (Malta International Airport) website today, the island closes its airspace: flights suspended from midnight on Friday until next April 11. A measure to protect residents from new coronavirus infection not formalized yet by the Valletta government, however, taken by local health authorities.

The measure does not apply to ferry flights (those flights made by a plane without passengers on board, for various reasons: return to the base, transfer for maintenance or repair, delivery from the factory to the customer, Editor's note), for humanitarian, to cargo and repatriation flights. A closure already veiledly announced when Prime Minister Robert Abela the day before yesterday urged the Maltese abroad for immediate repatriation, while inviting foreigners to leave the island as soon as possible, while among the arrangements made last week, suspension of connections with Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland and Spain. Only yesterday, however, Transport Malta communicated that to protect its employees it would no longer accept cash as payment for travel tickets, but only checks or credit cards.

Malta airport appeals to passengers already with a ticket to the island, to contact their airline for any refunds, and, until further notice, the MIA will remain open only to the above mentioned connections exempt from the suspension. It also invites to refrain from going to the airport to avoid crowding and allow respect for social distances.

“Saturday will be a dark day for the Maltese air transport industry, and for all those who have worked tirelessly to ensure the growth and success of the sector in recent years. Now, more than ever, it is essential for us to collaborate with the government and all the players in the sector to try to get out of these difficult times together", Alan Borg, CEO of Malta International Airport, declared it.

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