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Photo and Covid-19. If the borders are closed, why do planes fly?

A tweet explains why, despite the restrictions and close connections

We came across a tweet that we share with you, a curiosity that we publish to play down the moment, which sees the map of the skies closed to air transport widen hour after hour, increase the number of grounded aircraft almost exponentially, and the world close within a thousand borders. While we wait hoping, locked in our homes, that the terrible grip of this pandemic will loosen, and then finally stop.

On Social, Flightradar24, the website that offers real-time flight tracking services, wrote in these hours: "We receive many questions about why planes continue to fly even if the connections have been banned or the borders have been closed. Flights were not prohibited in some cases, but people from other countries are forbidden from entering. Citizens of one country can always go home".

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