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Qatar Airways negotiates postponement of aircraft deliveries

But in the meantime it will resume flights to Venice and increase them to Rome, Milan and Dublin

If Boeing and Airbus do not accept the postponement, we will cancel the orders, threatens the CEO Akbar al-Baker, who also declared: "We have become the largest global carrier that during the pandemic flew over 50 million kilometers to repatriate more than 1.8 million passengers on over 15,000 flights"

The CEO of the Qatar Airways (QA) Group, Akbar al-Baker, spoke clearly referring to aeronautics giants Airbus and Boeing during an interview released to "Reuters": either they will agree to postpone the deliveries of the planes scheduled, or we will cancel the orders. The ongoing negotiation is part of the company's reorganization program in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, which, he said, also includes the sale of 5 recently received Boeing 737 Max aircraft. On the other hand, today's announcement is that QA will resume service on Venice from July 15. The third Italian destination to be restored after the stop, which will mark a significant step in the resumption of air connections to tourist and art destinations, reads a note.

The national carrier of the State of Qatar will also increase flights to Dublin, Milan and Rome, with daily services starting from June 13th. Al Baker commented: “We are excited to resume services for Venice, one of the most iconic and popular tourist destinations in the world. During this crisis, our goal has been to help bring people home and transport medical supplies and essential supplies to the regions most affected by the virus. The recovery of services in Venice is a milestone not only for our airline but also for the global tourism industry, as it marks the beginning of the gradual return to international leisure travel". And, immodestly: "During this crisis we are become the largest airline: we have flown over 50 million kilometers to repatriate over 1.8 million passengers on over 15,000 flights. This has allowed us to accumulate unrivaled experience on how to transport passengers safely and reliably during this pandemic period".

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