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Airplanes. Australia, Qantas says goodbye to B-747 with last flight

It took off from Sydney to reach a store-museum in California

Half century of service and more than 250 million of passengers: Qantas B-747 airplane ended yesterday its last flight with these numbers. This event was very important and awaited: plane took off from Sydney Airport to reach Mojave Desert, California. Jumbo will be “parked” in an open air store-museum. Australian aircraft has a long and glorious history about this plane.

All started on August 1971 and after 49 years it’s time to say goodbye. 747 drew a kangaroo tail in the sky to say hello romantically and in an funny way to all people who came to airport. Qantas and jumbos were almost the same thing for a very long time. Australian company had an entire 747 fleet, so it was a rare case in all the world. Yesterday there was a lot of nostalgia. Owen Zipp, one of pilots involved to manage last historic flight of Boeing, is sure he won’t forget easily this day, a significant moment for all aviation.

Qantas Jumbo hosted a lot of important passengers, for example the Queen Elizabeth II. Now, operative -747 are very few in all world, they’re about 30 ones. British Airways made the same few days ago, retiring its B-747 fleet after a very short demand

Number of flight: QF7474

Registration: VH-OEJ

Name of airplane: Wunala

Year of delivery: 07/30/2003

sr - 1230826

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