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British Airways, six thousand employees accept voluntary exit

There were numerous protests in England just yesterday

About six thousand workers of British Airways carrier accepted the so-called “voluntary exit”, a decision taken following the protests and the increasingly numerous protests in United Kingdom against the industrial plan (see the article published by AVIONEWS). In financial language, this option is called "voluntary redundancy": other employees at risk are certainly no better off, given that wages will be reduced to those who remain and still others will discover in the coming days whether they will be fired or not. Measures of British company do not only concern ground staff, but also technicians and those who work in airport and other offices.

The coronavirus pandemic has imposed a very specific program from an employment point of view. British Airways lost over 700 million pounds last June and layoffs are the solution (shared with other carriers) to try to catch up and lower costs. The unions are on a war footing, but the six thousand voluntary exits testify that we are willing to accept certain conditions in order not to run into an even more uncertain future.

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