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Switzerland will vote to increase fighter jet airplanes

The popular decision is scheduled for September

New fighter planes: this is the explicit request made by the Swiss-German inter-party committee consisting of Duc (Democratic Union of the Center), Lrp (Liberal Radical Party) and Dpp (Democratic People's Party) to defend airspace from future and possible threats. Switzerland will be called upon to speak out on September 27 in a highly anticipated vote. The question that the Swiss voters will have to answer (in total there are 4 others on different topics) is the following: "Do you want to accept the federal decree of 20 December 2019 concerning the purchase of new fighter aircraft?".

Need for such a popular vote is explained by the strengthening of neutrality in the event of a crisis and the use of aircraft in addition to ground troops. The jets currently used are considered obsolete and destined to be put out of service in ten years, which is why new ones will have to be purchased by 2030. The maximum budget that Switzerland has set must not exceed 6 billion francs. (EUR 5.6 billion). The number and type of aircraft, on the other hand, will be established in the future by the Government. Among other things, it was assured that the aforementioned expenditure will not have a negative impact on crucial sectors such as those of culture, training and the social.

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