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Routes by plane from China to Tibet continue to grow

Autonomous region remains a popular destination

As reported by Chinese media, routes from Asian country to Tibet have gradually and steadily increased. They are 120 links that at this moment allow to reach the autonomous region, especially after the recent official inaugurations. In particular, last two noteworthy connections are those between Lhasa, the main city of Tibet, with the province of Sichuan. The increase became even more pronounced last July, to be precise after return to operations of several Chinese airlines, intent on encouraging the flow of tourists related to what is usually dubbed the “roof of the world”.

Lhasa Gonggar Airport is located at over 3500 meters of altitude and has been upgraded to better handle the new passenger traffic. It is no coincidence that 5,000 civil aircraft flights were recorded in August (9 percentage points more than in the same period last year), with 615,000 passengers (over 4%) and more than 5,000 tons of goods (+22.4%). In addition to the main airport, there are four other ones in Tibet, namely Xigaze Peace, Ngari Kunsha, Nyingchi Mainling and Changdu Bangda.

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