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Armenia-Azerbaijan, Turkish military planes and drones in support of Baku?

Conflict between the two countries rekindled old tensions

According to what stated today, Monday 28 September 2020, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, Turkey would also have intervened in the conflict that just flared up between the former Soviet Republic and Azerbaijan. Yerevan made public the sending by Ankara of drones and military aircraft in support of Azerbaijani armed forces for the fighting in disputed territory between the two countries. Anatolian nation was accused of "interference", but Baku denied any wrongdoing. At the beginning there was talk of simple "skirmishes", but the situation worsened by the minute and there is fear of a new war like that of Nagorno Karabakh (1992-1994).

As explained by the experts, the conflict of the early nineties was only "frozen" and it took very little to reignite it; Azerbaijani army bombed the positions of the Armenian independence forces after the latter's attack, prompting Yerevan and Baku to proclaim martial law and general mobilization. It is not just a conflict in which weapons are involved, but also words, amplified by the social networks that have spread the harsh exchange of accusations between states all over the world. Already in July there were very heavy clashes on the border, with several victims on both sides, while in 2016 about 110 people had lost their lives for the same reason.

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