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JetBlue: "Risk of transmitting covid on an airplane is 1%"

Carrier highlighted the results of a recent study

CEOs of the most important American carriersa participated in the "Skift Global Forum", an on-line event dedicated to the travel sector and future scenarios related to Covid-19. One of the most interesting statements was that of Joanna Geraghty, number one of JetBlue Airways; according to this manager, the light at the end of the tunnel can still be glimpsed, especially if we consider the health management on board the aircraft. Geraghty stressed that there is in-depth scientific research that bodes well for the future.

More specifically, investigation is the one conducted by Harvard's Th Chan School of Public Health. The study is sponsored by aviation industry, and highlighted the usefulness of the combined use of masks and air filtration systems when travelling by airplanes. The risk of transmitting the coronavirus and therefore also of being infected would be less than a percentage point; such a low probability could not fail to be remarked several times by JetBlue, in the hope of regaining consumer confidence. Will it really be enough to reassure them? Just in July this company announced that it wanted to exploit ultraviolet rays for the thorough cleaning of aircraft, a technology that has intrigued other airlines around the world (read AVIONEWS).

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