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Tampa Airport offers rapid anti-covid tests

It is the first American airport to make this decision

Important news for international airport of Tampa, in the US State of Florida: from today, on Friday October 2, 2020, passengers of planes that will have to pass through this airport will be able to undergo a rapid test to ascertain whether or not the COVID-19. This is the first US airport that decides to go in this direction, a pilot program that has nevertheless aroused the curiosity of other airports in the country. Travellers will have the opportunity to pay 57 dollars for the test, which will last fifteen minutes: the cost is related to the search for antibodies, instead for a molecular PRC you will have to spend 125 dollars (according to the international community this is last one that must be considered more accurate).

As for the kits to be used, in the last few days, the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has made it known that there will be 6.4 million rapid tests for the detection of the coronavirus, which will be sent to nursing homes and to schools before all other structures that need it. Florida itself has no worrying numbers compared to the rest of the country: in particular, the positivity rate is 11%, as ascertained by researchers at "John Hopkins University", while the health department of this State even spoke of 5%.

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