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Planes. BA discovers false pilot: repeat offender, worked with other airlines

Fraud will cost him a trial that will begin shortly

A sensational fraud: in Great Britain the discovery of the scam organized by a 48-year-old of English nationality who managed to fly airliners after falsifying his CV is causing a sensation. Its goal? Craig Butfoy, this is the name of the man, had intended to be hired by British Airways, the British flag carrier, and it all started with the checks on his resume. However, the civil aviation authority of the United Kingdom denounced it and the activities carried out by the false pilot in the field of air transport between the United Kingdom and the rest of the European continent were ascertained. In practice, he managed to deceive a small airline, Stobart Air (Irish regional), putting on paper his 1610 hours of flight as an aircraft commander.

In reality he has never achieved a result of this type and his lie was also discovered in relation to the flight license he said he obtained back in 1998; even this data is not true and the 48-year-old would have artfully modified the documents necessary to be hired as a pilot using graphics programs. The scam was revealed when he attempted recruiting at British Airways: the carrier's officials became suspicious from the very first moment. The trial will begin shortly and several offenses could be ascertained, but the penalty that the magistrates could inflict on the accused is not certain.

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