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Delhi launches monetization plan and sells off roads, ports and airports

But not just transport: other public goods worth billions of dollars are also part of the privatization program

Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced today: India needs to monetize and therefore launches the National Monetization Pipeline (NMP) plan. An infrastructural privatization program that provides for the sale of public goods. Among these, 25 airports of the Airports Authority of India including those ones of Chennai, Bhopal, Varanasi and Vadodara, as well as 40 railway stations plus dozens of related infrastructures, over 150 coal mines, an unknown number of expressways, systems and networks for the supply of gas and electricity, telecommunications networks and sports stadiums. A massacre of public goods, thunders the opposition and in particular the leader of the Congress Jairam Ramesh, who declared: "Now comes the monetization of the priceless public wealth created over decades and which will be given away to a select few. This is a legalized robbery, an organized pillage". The Secretary General of Congress Priyanka Gandhi Vadra echoes him: "This government is giving away to its billionaire friends hundreds of millions of dollars worth of assets obtained from the hard work of the Indian people over the past 70 years", he said.

The NMP plan is part of the Delhi government's strategy that plans to maintain public control only over certain strategic sectors, as announced last February by Minister Sitharaman himself at the time of the presentation of the budget for 2021. A value divestment program estimated at $ 81 billion.

In short, "Modi (the Indian premier, Ed), will sell everything, from earth to sky", reads a last minute tweet, under the hashtag "#StopSellingIndia".

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