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Aircraft. United Airlines will fire 593 no-vax workers

Other US air carriers are opposing vaccine skeptics

The US carrier United Airlines has dismissed with no salary 2000 employees who have asked to be exempted from vaccination against Covid-19. Another severe decision taken by the company was the announced layoff of 593 employees. The reason is the provisions violation on combating the pandemic which had identified on September 27th the deadline for presenting the proof of a serum inoculation or a certification of its exemption.

The policy adopted by the company aims to avoid the spread of infections in every possible way. This is what the Biden administration is strongly demanding. It should introduce the weekly vaccination or covid-test obligation for companies with more than 100 employees: the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is developing a regulation that provides penalties of up to 12,000 Euros for defaulting companies.

Meanwhile, United Airlines says that 96 percent of the approximately 67,000 employees have complied with company regulations. "This was an incredibly difficult decision, but keeping our team safe has always been our first priority," said a company spokesperson. Pilots, flight attendants and mechanics are among the employees who will be fired for not responding positively to the company's request.

Other companies have also taken steps against vaccine-skeptical employees. Hawaiian Airlines will introduce the vaccination obligation, while the US low-cost Frontier Airlines will ask for at least a negative swab from October 1st. Delta Airlines wants unvaccinated employees to pay around 170 Euros. Other US carriers, including American Airlines, Alaska Airlines and Delta Air Lines recommend serum inoculation, but without setting stringent requirements. Southwest Airlines said it will offer an economic bonus to those who get vaccinated by November 15th. Other companies are waiting to aligne their policies to national ones.

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