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Boom supersonic aircraft takes a step forward

First factory opens and also receives pre-order from USAF

The US company Boom Supersonic, which is developing a supersonic passenger aircraft, has recently announced the opening of its first factory. A state-of-the-art facility located near Greensboro Airport in North Carolina, USA.

This is a further step forward along the road mapped out for the relaunch of an aircraft whose silhouette is reminiscent of the Concorde, withdrawn from the skies in 2003. Also on January 22th, the US Air Force, which plans to make it a presidential aircraft alongside the B-747 Air Force One, allocated 60 million dollars in funding for a pre-order.

According to the company's plan, Boom's supersonic aircraft is expected to leave the facility in 2025 and make its first test flight in 2026, with entry into service scheduled for 2029. The US company started this project in 2014, just over a decade after the demise of the Anglo-French Concorde.

The programme for this small 55-seat jet is greeted with scepticism by some experts. The aircraft has attracted the attention of American airline United Airlines, with which it signed a commercial agreement last summer for 15 pre-orders worth 3 billion dollars at list price. Provided that safety, operational, noise and environmental criteria are met. This is in addition to interest from Japan Airlines and Virgin. Investors now hope that the company will doggedly pursue its dream of bringing Concorde back to life.

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