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American Airlines bets on supersonic planes

Agreement on the purchase of the first 20 supersonic Overture aircraft

US carrier American Airlines has signed an agreement with American aircraft manufacturer Boom Supersonic to purchase 20 Overture supersonic aircraft. These are 60-80 passenger capacity aircraft that are expected to enter service by 2029. The agreement also includes the signing of an option to purchase an additional 40 fixed-wing airplanes.

"The Boom Supersonic overture is expected to introduce a major new speed advantage for American Airlines' fleet. Supersonic flights will be an important part of our offering to our customers. We are excited about how Boom will shape the future of travel for both our company and our customers", said American Airlines Chief Financial Officer Derek Kerr

An enthusiasm also shared by Boom founder and CEO Blake Scholl: "We are proud to share our vision of a more connected and sustainable world with American Airlines. We believe Overture can help American deepen its advantage". 

The airline is currently reported to have made a cash deposit for the purchase and sale. The terms of the agreement require Boom to meet industry-standard operational, performance and safety requirements, as well as other customary conditions of American's air carrier prior to the delivery of any Overture.

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