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Tired airline pilots and tight shifts: the protest

Sent thousands of reports to the European Aviation Safety Agency

According to thousands of confidential reports sent by pilots to the European Aviation Safety Agency (Easa), airline personnel at the controls of aircraft have complained of reduced performance and increased errors due to fatigue. A situation that also led to the proclamation of the July 17 strike by airline industry unions in Italy. 

In some cases, pilots speak of pressure from the company to prevent them from noting the word fatigue on their documents. However, the gradual return to pre-pandemic work rhythms in understaffed companies causes "a sense of bewilderment that lasts even a couple of months". "Before, the brain used to perform some operations automatically, today these automatisms are lost and the mind tries harder", a commander confides. 

Tight shifts are the main grievance moved by pilots, especially those of low-cost airlines, against the managers of the air carriers they work for. A pressure on workers dictated by the companies' need to minimize inconvenience to passengers at airports and on board connections in the skies. 

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