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ITA Airways: agreement with Lufthansa in March

The negotiation will last 60 days, then waiting for a European antitrust opinion

The German aviation group Lufthansa and the Ministry of Economy and Finance (Mef) could terminate the exclusive negotiations for the privatization of the air carrier ITA Airways as early as March, by signing a preliminary contract which provides for the sale of a share minority of the tricolor airline. This will allow to start the relaunch of ITA Airways which could also lead to the return of the Alitalia brand.

This is what is reported by the leaks of the Italian newspaper "Il Corriere della Sera", which cites government sources familiar with the issues addressed during the meeting, on Tuesday 31 January, between the unions and the managing director of ITA Airways, Fabio Lazzerini. In any case, the time of the decision could be dilated. At the moment ITA and Lufthansa are working separately on the 2023-2027 business plan, but the definitive version will come out of the three-way table with the Mef.

Meanwhile, the exclusive negotiation between ITA and Lufthansa will last 60 working days starting from 27 January, the day on which the Italian Executive signed the memorandum of understanding with the German airline. The last day for the agreement would therefore be April 14, but it should already arrive in the second half of March. At that point, the European Union antitrust will have 40 days to express an opinion on the agreement.

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