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ITA Airways: from Lufthansa "yes" to increase salaries

More than 3,600 current workers may have an increase soon

There are positive news on the employee salary issue of the national air carrier ITA Airways. Less than 48 hours after the meeting between seven trade unions and the airline's management, the favorable opinion of the Lufthansa Group has arrived, which will not hinder a possible agreement on the increase in the payroll of the company's workers, of which the Germans negotiate the purchase of a capital share.

The issue concerns the transition of more than 3600 ITA Airways employees from salary table 1 (start-up) to 2 (company). This provides for an increase in wages of around +30%, which according to estimates by the newspaper "Il Corriere della Sera" amounts to around 64 million euros (without considering the new staff that will be hired in 2023). This is part of a more general request to comply with the national contract for the air transport sector.

The rise in salaries is therefore the first opinion expressed by Lufthansa regarding the Italian company. From Lufthansa they therefore let it be known that an upward adjustment of salaries will not hinder negotiations with the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance (Mef), now 100% owner of ITA Airways and which will sell a 20-40% stake to the Germans by the summer. The agreement could arrive without union mediation in the next few days.

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