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Airline carriers struggling with wheelchairs

Booming travel demand will make management difficult

The reopening of air borders and the easing of restrictions to limit the contagion of Covid-19 among passengers has brought to light old issues that concern the managements of airlines and airport companies. In fact, the ever-increasing demand for travel makes airports increasingly crowded and so the management of Passengers with Reduced Mobility (Prm), including those in wheelchairs, becomes a non-secondary issue to be resolved.

For example, recently on a Southwest Airlines flight, there were 25 requests for assistance for that many passengers in wheelchairs. A question that is six times higher than the average. This can cause a problem as airport companies and airlines are grappling with a staff shortage which hampers their operations.

Those passengers who pretend to have reduced mobility are introduced to these difficulties, thus using the wheelchair as a mean of boarding earlier, only to recover miraculously when they arrive at the destination airport, where they no longer need a wheelchair. The US newspaper "The Hill" called them "Jesus Flights". Despite this, the question will become central in the Summer.

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