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Tap Portugal: "There was no interference"

Published report of the commission of inquiry on the manager Reis

The final report of a parliamentary commission of inquiry in Portugal established that there was no interference in the payment of a 500,000 euros severance to Alexandra Reis, former manager of the national air carrier Tap Portugal. The commission determined the legitimacy of the operation but the document, published in these hours, allows the government opposition to amend until July 19, before the vote of the assembly.

This is the story: Reis had abandoned his post as managing director, but a few months later he had gone to chair the board of directors of Navegação Aérea, the national agency for air traffic services. A few months later he was appointed undersecretary of the treasury, but was soon forced to resign.

The final report also establishes that Reis's resignation from the airline is not the result of political interference, but of the choice of the then administrator of Tap Portugal, Christine Ourmières-Widener, in the meantime exonerated by the executive led by Prime Minister António Costa. According to the Portuguese media, the report does not mention scandals and pressures that would have arisen during the hearings of the parliamentary commission of inquiry.

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