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Air transport: Italy loses 3.1 from "unfair taxes"

It emerges from a research conducted by Transport and Environment

According to research conducted by Transport and Environment, the European federation for transport and the environment which brings together non-governmental organizations that promote sustainability in the sector, Italy has lost 3.1 billion euros due to low taxation levels of the air transport sector. Environmentalists point out: there is no tax on kerosene, that on tickets and VAT are low and carbon pricing is active only on intra-European flights. 

"A motorist pays more taxes on fuel than an airline. We propose a taxation that aims to be a way for those who fly more to contribute more and therefore directly benefit from the under-regulation of the sector: we are talking about the so-called frequent flyers, the 1% but of the people responsible for 50% of aviation emissions. It's time to put a stop to unregulated growth", said Carlo Tritto, Policy Officer of Transport and Environment.

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