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United Kingdom: air traffic towards normality

Inconvenience and delayed flights throughout Europe, it will take London days to get back to full operation

The British National Air Traffic Service (Nats), that is the United Kingdom's air traffic control agency, announced in the past few hours that the "technical problem" that had paralyzed air traffic entering and leaving British airports for a few hours has been solved. It would be caused by a computer problem. It will take a few days for the situation to return to normal. In fact, in these hours there are inconveniences and delayed flights.

"We have identified and resolved the issue that impacted our flight scheduling system. We are now working closely with airlines and airports to manage the affected flights as efficiently as possible", announced the British transport minister, Mark Harper.

Yesterday the NATS had limited the number of planes circulating in British airspace. A decision motivated by the presence of a technical problem. According to some reconstructions this could have been caused by a hacker attack, but at the moment there is no proof of this. In any case, the British chaos will also have repercussions in the next few hours at all airports in Europe.

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