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UK: airline chaos will cost 90 million euros

According to the International Air Transport Association; 1100 flights cancelled

The chaos recorded in recent days in the skies of the United Kingdom could cost airlines up to 90 million euros. Indeed, due to a technical failure, 1,100 flights have been canceled since Monday, causing inconvenience to hundreds of thousands of passengers. All this, in addition to forcing the British Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to limit air traffic, has had serious repercussions in all European airports. 

"We are estimating costs in the tens of millions. It is probably too early to give a full estimate at this stage, but I imagine industry-wide we will be getting close to the 100 million pounds of additional costs airlines will face as a result of this failure", said Willie Walsh, director general of the International Air Transport Association (Iata) and former CEO of the British Airways airline, interviewed today by the English state broadcaster "BBC Radio".

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