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USA: 100 years of Boston airport

Inaugurated on 8 September 1923, it is today one of the 50 busiest ones in the world

Boston's "Edward Lawrence Logan" International Airport celebrates 100 years today. Inaugurated on 8 September 1923, it is now one of the 50 busiest airports in the world, with around 40 million passengers passing through in 2022. The infrastructure represents an essential gateway to the north-eastern part of the United States, that is flights towards Massachusetts and New England.

The construction of the airport began in 1922, taking advantage of a pre-existing airfield. On June 13, 1923, the first plane landed on the runway at Boston Airport. In 1925 the first commercial hangar was built. Instead, we had to wait until April 14, 1927 for the start of the first commercial passenger flights scheduled by the former Colonial Air Transport airline, which operated the Boston-New York connection.

In 1959 Pan American Airways inaugurated the first intercontinental connections to Europe. Between 1973 and 1976 two new terminals opened at Logan Airport. Concorde also arrived in June 1974. The first modernization of the airport took place in 1996. In 2004 the first train between the city and the airport. Today, in 2023, the airport management company plans to expand the terminals for international flights. And the story continues.

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