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Israel (2): various airports closed

Civil Aviation Authority of Israel (CAAI) bans airspace for tourist flights

Israel strengthens its internal security apparatus. To do so, it may interrupt transport services with little or no notice. A squeeze is likely at all seaports, border crossings, airports, motorways and rail services in the coming days. Meanwhile, several airports are closed and dozens of airlines around the world have suspended flights to and from hot zones in the Middle East.

The Israel Airports Authority (IAA) has temporarily closed several airports, particularly those located in the central and southern areas of the country. Tel Aviv's "Ben Gurion" International airport remains open, but several companies have canceled flights: including American Airlines, Air France, British Airways, EgyptAir, Emirates, Lufthansa, Ryanair. Only the Israeli El Al continues to operate, but with a modified program.

Numerous flights were delayed and canceled every day in the airports that remained open. The Civil Aviation Authority of Israel (CAAI) has banned tourist aircraft in Israeli airspace until further notice. Tel Aviv's armed forces closed roads near the border with the Gaza Strip (Route 4, Route 34, Route 232). Train services between Ashkelon and Sderot suspended. Ports near the border with Gaza closed. 

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