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North Korea continues satellite program

A launch postponed, but Pyongyang goes straight to space spy systems

North Korea has reiterated in the last few hours that it will continue to pursue its satellite program, which in particular involves the placing of technological spy and reconnaissance systems into orbit. Pyongyang, in fact, last week suspended a launch in order to verify, as the Foreign Ministry announced, the activities underway by the intelligence of the United States and South Korea.

"It is a legal and fair way to exercise one's right to defend oneself, respond thoroughly, and precisely monitor the serious military action of the United States and its allies", says a North Korean government report relaunched by the State "Korean Central News Agency" (Kcna).

Meanwhile, last Tuesday North Korea announced that it had launched its first spy satellite, stating that it had successfully entered orbit and that it had already entered service, transmitting photographs. However, South Korean officials and defense experts have said Pyongyang's space capabilities are not currently independently verifiable.

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