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B-737 Max 9 plane crash: management speaks

Calhoun (CEO): "We recognize error. Monitoring of product 'Quality Control' started"

The CEO of the US Boeing Group, Dave Calhoun, has acknowledged the mistakes made by the aircraft manufacturer in the case of the Alaska Airlines B-737 Max 9 plane whose emergency door (plug door) burst in flight. The company communicated that "the severity of the accident" led to the start of an internal monitoring on the "Quality and Process Controls" service of the product, together with the fuselage supplier Spirit Aerosystems.

"I am deeply shaken" by the accident". An incident like this must never happen again". In any case, "we will address this problem, first of all, by acknowledging our mistake. We will resolve the issue by giving 100% and ensuring complete transparency at every stage of the procedure", declared the manager during a meeting with employees held at the Renton plant in Washington.

Calhoun's words are the first public acknowledgment of the error by Boeing, after the inconvenience that occurred on Friday 5 January 2024. An event that has put the spotlight back on the US manufacturer, for years at the center of global controversy after the two deadly plane crashes occurred in 2018 and 2019, which resulted in the global grounding of all B-737 MAX 8 model aircraft.

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