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Aircraft. "GCAP" program may open to others States

Crosetto (Italian Defense): "We are waiting first phase conclusion, then we will evaluate agreement"

The development program for a new generation military combat aircraft, called Global Combat Air Program (GCAP), could open up to other countries. Defense collaboration is being carried out by Italy, Japan and Britain, who officially joined separate efforts to develop a new fighter, signing an international treaty in December. 

"We will not open the program to others until the initial phase is closed. Then, with everyone's agreement, we could expand it to other countries" interested in joining, among which at the moment there are Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates", said the Italian Defense Minister, Guido Crosetto, interviewed by the Italian newspaper "il Corriere della Sera". 

The joint development phase of the new aircraft is expected to begin in 2025. The goal is to see the combat aircraft in flight by 2035. The GCAP program could welcome other Nations as junior partners. Saudi Arabia is among the contenders that more than any other could be part of the program, thanks also to the economic investments it could bring to the table. 

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