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USA: airlines ask Boeing for answers

Severe blow to profits resulting from stoppage of B-737 Max 9 deliveries

Management at several US airlines has expressed frustration over problems with the quality of Boeing's safety assessments of the aircraft it produces. This had a negative impact on airline costs, due to the grounding of 171 planes of 737 Max 9 model, and also led to delays in deliveries of various models of fixed-wing aircraft. It was due to the in-flight explosion of a door on an Alaska Airlines plane. 

"We will hold them accountable. Boeing needs to get its act together", said Robert Isom yesterday, chief executive of American Airlines. Along the same lines Ben Minicucci, CEO of Alaska Airlines: "We keep Boeing on fire to make sure we get good airplanes". The CEO of Southwest Airlines, Robert Jordan, assures some support for the manufacturer: "I have absolute confidence that they will solve this problem". 

Boeing's problems in recent years have been "unacceptable, the company must get back on the right path", they declared in unison. The company suspended production at its Renton, Washington, plant for 15 hours on Thursday to discuss quality issues with more than 10,000 workers. On the same day, after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) prevented the expansion of the production of 737 Max aircraft, the value of the American manufacturer's shares closed down by -5.7%.

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