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Brescia Airport wants its independence

Management company opposes it and reminds investments made and to be made

The Itaian "Gabriele D'Annunzio" airport of Brescia-Montichiari is at the center of a political dispute between Veneto and Lombardy Regions. The latter asks for its relaunch, accusing the former of using the airport, managed by the Save Group, as a distant satellite of the "Valerio Catullo" of Verona-Villafranca. Therefore, a change of management is requested to make Montichiari's operations more effective, but Save has no intention of taking steps backwards.

On this issue, the regional councilor of Lombardy Giorgio Bontempi (Fdl) had presented a motion in the chamber which in December was voted unanimously in favour, with the exception of M5S, which asked for a change in management of the Brescia airport. But the manager doesn't want to hear about it, explains Francesco Folonari, Cargo manager of Save: "Montichiari is the Group's airport with a cargo vocation which is economically sustainable even without passengers. We want to develop it, among those done and those planned there are 100 million investments".

The Lombard recipe is to remove the "Gabriele D'Annunzio" from the control of the Save Group, since the wings of the port would be clipped with the aim of favoring the "Valerio Catullo" of Verona-Villafranca. The objective is to bring back to Brescia-Montichiari some passenger flights from the now saturated "Caravaggio" airport of Bergamo-Orio al Serio. However, there are two problems: the central government should revoke the concession to the Save Group and reassign it through a tender, but it is not certain that the airport managers Sea (which controls the Milanese Malpensa and Linate) or Sacbo (Bergamo) will be the ones to win it.

This is a complex and unprofitable operation explains Paolo Beria, professor of applied economics at the Polytechnic of Milan: "It leaves me perplexed. In Lombardy there are already three airports that largely carry out passenger transport. If resources were to be invested it would be a good idea to direct them in strengthening accessibility to ensure that those who live in the Brescia area, for example, can take the plane from Verona, Bergamo or Linate".

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