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Ukrainian war: Italy sends Samp-T missiles

NATO has planned to send F-16 aircraft and anti-aircraft systems

Italy is sending Kiev a Samp-T (Sol-air moyenne-portée - terrestrial) weapon system, that is surface-to-air missiles developed by the Italian-French consortium Eurosam (MBDA and Thales), which guarantee a range of action of 100 km for the interception of aircraft and 25 km for that of other missiles. This is what the ninth decree, published in the last few hours in the Official Journal, provides for the supply of weapons and equipment to Ukraine.

"NATO countries have begun transferring F16 jets to Ukraine. Even as we speak, the transfer of jets to Ukraine by Denmark and the Netherlands has begun", announced US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, on the sidelines of the Atlantic Alliance summit in Washington (9-11 July 2024).

During the NATO summit, according to the news, an alliance was formed between five countries to supply Kiev with four Patriot missile batteries (United States, Holland, Germany and Romania) and a Samp-T battery (Italy). Above all, however, stands out the sending of American Lockheed Martin F-16 "Fighting Falcon" fighter planes which will be sent from Holland and Denmark. Meanwhile, the new British Prime Minister, Keri Starmer, confirms the authorization to Kiev for the use of "Storm Shadow" missiles against enemy targets on Russian soil.

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