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Iran unveils underground air base

It is the first infrastructure of its kind in the country

Iran revealed today the existence of the underground airbase dubbed "Eagle 44". It is the first infrastructure of its kind in the country, built deep underground. It is large enough and protected to accommodate fighter planes equipped with long-range cruise missiles and is divided into several modules (command and control post, hangar, operational area), infrastructural logistics area for large-capacity fuel depots and module dedicated to aircraft maintenance.

It is "one of the most important air force bases, where fighters equipped with long-range cruise missiles are stationed, built in the depths of the Earth". "Eagle 44 is one of several underground tactical air force bases that have been built in recent years in Iran", located under mountainous areas, so that it can be used for various types of "air operations".

The journalists of "Irna" said the base is able to hangar and provide effective protection even against nuclear attacks on fighter planes, drones and helicopters. As of May 2022, the Iranian military had provided details of another underground air base; a solution capable of protecting military assets from potential enemy air attacks.

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