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ITA-Lufthansa: pressure on Rome

Wedding between airlines not at risk, but ex-Alitalia workers' lawsuits raise costs

Some verdicts of the Labor Court of Rome, which ordered the reinstatement of approximately 250 workers of the former Alitalia company in the new air carrier ITA Arways, had an immediate effect. The negotiation between the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and the German aviation group Lufthansa for the privatization of ITA is not at risk. However, there could soon be a redefinition of the agreements made.

According to rumors relaunched by the Italian newspaper "La Repubblica", the managers of the German airline are updating their projections: the hypothesis that all the redundant workers of the former Alitalia (1147 labourers between Rome and Milan who have started disputes in the last two years) will be rehired by ITA, would have an estimated cost of at least 200 million euros (back wages and contributions from October 2021) that weigh on the shoulders of the buyer Lufthansa.

For this reason the Germans are putting pressure on the Government of Rome to re-discuss the agreement which will bring 41% of the capital of ITA Airways into the hands of Lufthansa. The latter would ask Italy to take on a good part of the 200 millions resulting from labor disputes. Berlin and Rome will therefore play the game together on workers' disputes and will then manage the confrontation with the European Commission, which must authorize the privatization of ITA.

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