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CuriositiesBode sends by means of a plane the award conquered as champion of the world of skiing

New York, Usa - Having as result that when he went to retreat it he had it in return in thousands of piece, due to the fact that the mentioned award was a sphere of crystal

Bode Miller, presumably in order to show him being familiar with awards, was protagonist of a singular episode: the Us champion sends by means of a plane, and as a normal luggage, the award which received... more

CuriositiesTwice awarded as best actress flies with an apple to New Zealand and is punished to pay a penalty

Auckland, New Zealand - It happened to Hilary Swank, unaware of the strict rules which governs the island related to the importation of good in order to avoid the introduction of diseases

Hilary Swank, twice awarded as best actress for her performance into the films "Boys Don’t Cry" and into the more recent one "Million Dollar Baby", had been condamned to pay a 230 penalty of New Zealand d... more