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DiscussionsInsiders suited to the job agree upon Passenger Name Record: flight assistants and aircraft pilots encourage the record, but there are always doubts about it

Rome, Italy - After 4 years of controversies, PNR has been approved and it still suggests important questions about the relationship between privacy policy and security. The duty of defining insuperable borders in collecting

PNR (Passenger Name Record) has been approved by European Parliamanet after 4 years of debates and controversies. Before getting into a deep analysis of the legitimacy of this new security tool, which... more

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DiscussionsAirplanes and occurrences. Pilots: fog procedures in Abu Dhabi are inadequate

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - The airport is equipped with cutting-edge systems for landing but it seems to lack radars allowing air traffic controllers to guide traffic on the ground

The severe inconveniences that affected passengers in Abu Dhabi in the past days have brought to light the problems in dealing with fog at the airport (see also AVIONEWS). The Emirates capital facility... more

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