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Press releaseTim Clark-Emirates cautions: "American consumers and regional State economies the ultimate victims of US carriers’ protectionist campaign"

Washington, USA - Debunks allegations of subsidy and “stealing traffic” in white paper presented by Delta, American, and United

"American consumers, international gateway airports, local and regional economies, and businesses will be the ultimate victims of the protectionist campaign being run by Delta, American, and United Airlines",... more

Press releaseAmnesty International: "Latest Mediterranean tragedy exposes EU’s failure on rescue operations"

Rome, Italy - The Organization has repeatedly called for an EU-wide search-and-rescue mission with at least the same mandate and resources as Italy’s "Mare Nostrum" operation

The deaths of at least 10 more refugees and migrants in the Mediterranean expose how European governments are still failing to provide adequate resources for a coordinated search-and-rescue operation that... more